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Startup Exchange Forum X German Innovation highlights Komoverse

Published 25 / 03 / 2022 by Komoverse Admin

On March 24th 2022, Komoverse was invited by the Startup Exchange Forum and German.Innovation Organization to present alongside three of the most promising blockchain based startups based in Europe.

The event was moderated by Claudia Schwarz - Co-Founder of German.Innovation & MusicTech Germany - as well as Claudia Kaiser - VP of Frankfurt Book Fair. The conversation started with a fireside chat from Carolin Wend who is the founder of Mintbase which is a Near Blockchain protocol which functions as a platform that allows NFT creation and ticketing solutions. 

Komoverse was then presented by both Co-Founders, Hendry Halim and Dylan Montana, who showcased the fundamental concept of the project alongside the unique propositions that Komoverse had to offer such as its cultural heritage (showcasing the Komodo as Indonesia's national icon), full scale development on the Solana Blockchain, offering F2P (Free-to-Play) & P2E (Play-to-Earn) for gameplay access, etc. The founders also showed the audience a teaser intro video on Komoverse's gameplay, NFT art, and rewards ecosystem. This presentation attracted a positive reaction from the audience who were very excited with the future of the project.

The conversation continued with a presentation from Konstantin Graf who founded - a blockchain-based platform that creates and sells green NFTs from artists around the world directly to their collectors. The session was then closed with a discussion with Stephan van Kuyk who has created Metawalls Berlin - an urban NFT Art Gallery which aims to bring artists worldwide into the Metaverse in order to be able to showcase their art to a global audience in a virtual setting.

Komoverse would like to express its appreciation to the Startup Exchange Forum as well as the German.Innovation Organization for choosing Komoverse as one of the select few startups to have the opportunity to present alongside some of the brightest projects in the Blockchain space to a global audience.

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