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Komoverse given RadRugs Recognition & Certification

Published 26 / 12 / 2022 by Komoverse Admin

The Komoverse team is thrilled to announce that we have been given certification and recognition from RadRugs.

RadRugs - the number one security platform on Solana Blockchain - has given Komoverse its certification on the quality of the project. In addition to the certification, RadRugs has also given a "low-risk" grade (the safest rating in the RadRugs grading scale) to Komoverse.

The comprehensive security review that was done to evaluate the project encompassed thorough due dilligence on the fundamentals, utility, partnerships, social, and community aspects of Komoverse.  All of the aspects were given an excellent grade by the RadRugs team.

Dylan Montana - Komoverse Co-Founder - expressed his delight at the news.

"We are very happy that RadRugs as one of the few reputable security audit firms in the crypto space has given us their stamp of approval. This gives us even more confidence that our project is heading in the right direction. At this occassion, I would like to reiterate to our community that we are on track in terms of progress and that the Komoverse team is working as hard as possible to give you the most ideal and inclusive gaming experience."



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