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The Ultimate NFT Slang Dictionary

Published 18 / 02 / 2022 by Summertime Studios


GM! Here you can find the essential Crypto/NFT terms you need to survive the space!


  • 1/1 of x

What PFP and generative art is. One unique NFT of a collection of X NFTs. For example, BAYC is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs.


  • 1:1 Art

One single unique piece of NFT from an artist that is not part of a collection. It is way more scarce and unique, hence the value is often higher than those in collections.


  • Airdrop

Sending free coins, tokens, or NFTs to numerous wallet addresses. Some projects may airdrop NFT complementaries to reward the original NFT collection holders. For example, in August 2021, BAYC holders were airdropped a “mutant serum”, which allowed them to mint a new Mutant Ape that still carries their unique NFT features.


  • AMA

Abbreviation for “ask me anything” or a Q&A session where the community can ask anything to the project’s team members. Many NFT projects have live AMA sessions to maintain engagement with their NFT holders.


  • Ape in

Refers to people who rush into buying a new NFT or coin without doing much research, which is definitely risky!


  • Bot

Refers to artificial intelligence that performs few useful tasks automatically. Some examples are: to welcome new members and ban any spam-related messages, to moderate discussion, add music or games to your (Discord) server.


  • DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs are not controlled by a single person or entity like a government or central bank, but instead are coded in smart contracts on the blockchain. The DAO developers believed this would limit human error or manipulation of funds. With DAO, investors can send money from anywhere in the world anonymously and receive tokens, which gives them voting rights on possible projects.


  • DeFi

Decentralized Finance. Unlike traditional finance or CeFi (centralized finance), where a bank or company has control over your money, in DeFi, no one but you has access to it. 


  • Degen

Short for “degenerate”, which refers to people who often make risky baseless decisions. Similar to “Ape in”, both refer to those who invest in digital assets without prior research.


  • DEX

Decentralized Exchange, a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders without a middleman. Some popular DEX are Uniswap, PancakeSwap, dYdX.


  • Diamond hands

Refers to someone who has high-risk tolerance for high volatility assets. Diamond Hands don’t make panic decisions despite market volatility.


  • Discord

One of the most popular socmed platforms for NFTs and gaming. Most NFT projects have Discord channels to keep the community engaged and informed.


  • DYOR

“Do your own research”. It is always a smart move to DYOR before investing!


  • Flipping

Refers to buying items at low prices and selling quickly for a profit. Often happens during the early stages of projects when there are higher demands. 


  • FUD

Short for “fear, uncertainty and doubt”. FUD is commonly used when the price of a coin/NFT project drops.


  • Gas

The transaction fee we need to pay to the blockchain network. High gas fees occur when there is a lot of demand on the network, like during the start of minting of a new NFT project.


  • GM

Short for “Good Morning”. A common way of greeting in Twitter/ Discord space.



Short for “gonna make it / we gonna make it”. To describe a future state of success when our investments skyrocket and give high returns. 


  • HODL

“Hold on for dear life” means to hold an asset for a long period, regardless of its price. 



“If you know, you know”.


  • KOL

Short for “key opinion leader”, a synonym for social media influencer.


  • LFG

“Let’s F**** Go”. Used when people express their excitement about something.


  • Looks rare

Rarity is important in NFT collections. However, when people say “it looks rare”, it’s being used ironically, he/she actually means “it doesn’t look rare”.


  • Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual reality space where users can build customs, habits, and values that allow them to spend time and socialize with others using their digital identities (avatars). It leverages the Web 3.0, blockchain, and computer interfaces and co-exists with the real world.


  • Mint

Mint means “produce for the first time”. In the NFT world, minting means the creation of a new unique NFT on the blockchain.


  • Mods

Short for “moderators”, often for Twitter or Discord channels where they try to keep the community engagement healthy, active, and informative.


  • Moon

“To the moon!” is when the price of a coin/NFT goes up/ skyrockets.


  • Mooning

If something is “mooning,” it means the price of a coin/NFT is experiencing a spike.


  • NGMI

Opposite of GMI, short for “not gonna make it”. Refers to people making bad trading decisions.


  • OG

Slang for “original”. It refers to someone or something that is an original or originator.


  • Paper hands

Opposite of diamond hands, it refers to someone who panic sell or flip position too soon. 


  •  PFP

Short for “profile picture”. Lots of people in the NFT space show off their NFTs by using them as PFP on different socmed platforms.


  • P2E

Play to earn games. Blockchain-based games that use tokens to reward players. 


  • Probably nothing

Used ironically, it actually means “probably something important”.


  • Raids

Doing a flash campaign on Twitter or other social media platforms. Used as a way to keep the community engaged in order to promote their project.


  • Rekt

A  slang term for “wrecked”. It’s often used in the online gaming community to refer to someone who has been totally ruined or experienced severe financial loss from bad investment decisions.


  • Rug or rug pull

A rug pull is when the team behind a crypto/NFT project abandons the project and runs away with investors’ funds.


  • Secondary market

After an NFT is minted, it can be transacted on the secondary market, such as OpenSea.


  • Shilling

When someone promotes an NFT project on social media as a marketing strategy.


  • SOL

SOL is the cryptocurrency used on the Solana blockchain. Compared to Ethereum blockchain, Solana can process transactions much faster with much lower gas fees. 


  • Stable coin

Refers to a cryptocurrency that is pegged to a fiat currency. A stable coin tracks the underlying asset (e.g. USD), making its value stable over time.


  • Wen Lambo

A phrase referring to people wondering when their crypto/NFT holdings will take off.


  • Whale

Someone with a multi-million dollar portfolio or someone who owns a huge amount of NFTs in an NFT collection. 


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